Starlink internet satellite deployment

When I first heard of the StarLink internet satellite company started by Elon Musk, I was thrilled, now everyone all over the world can get internet access, especially in remote areas. Then, I heard they are putting up 12,000 satellites, all in low earth orbit. I was like 12,000!, the sky will be in motion. Then I read Starlink put in a request for another 30,000. This will be a total of 42,000. Note: There are other companies getting into this business also.

I think people in the city will not care, they can’t see the stars anyways. The most…

WOW!, Nice article.

You know, I don't think I want to be rich today. Maybe in some other life time.

Couple at restaurant
Couple at restaurant
Couple at dinner

I am sitting in the kitchen in Katie’s apartment. Even though I put on a happy façade, I have anxiety, it was a very hectic day. First, there were three cars in front of me at the bank drive through this morning. The wait seemed like an eternity. Second, I was late getting to work. I had so much work this morning by the time I got to the cafeteria for lunch there was a huge line. I had forgotten, the sales reps from all over were here for the yearly meeting. …

DNA samples being places on tray for analysis
DNA samples being places on tray for analysis

A while ago my dad had pneumonia. He was 86 years old. He had to go to the hospital to do a blood test. They were checking if there is bacteria in his blood. When he came back he told me some of the questions they asked him, before they drew blood. I was surprised that they ask him what his ancestry is. This seemed strange. I was wondering if that was even legal or not, … whatever. In the end, he got tested.

Since then, I have been wondering just what do they mean by ancestry. How far back…

I have a technique to alleviate your PTSD trauma movie, that worked for me and might work for you. The only way to find out if it works for you is to try it. This technique, if used properly, can reduce the intensity of your trauma movie.

Anybody can be traumatized, a child or an adult. Some people, the smallest of things can traumatize you. Other people, it might be the atrocities of war to traumatize you. This technique I will teach you does not care what your trauma is. …

Paul Maxwell

Novice writer, writing about ideas I have.

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