My Ancestry Discovered

DNA samples being places on tray for analysis

A while ago my dad had pneumonia. He was 86 years old. He had to go to the hospital to do a blood test. They were checking if there is bacteria in his blood. When he came back he told me some of the questions they asked him, before they drew blood. I was surprised that they ask him what his ancestry is. This seemed strange. I was wondering if that was even legal or not, … whatever. In the end, he got tested.

Since then, I have been wondering just what do they mean by ancestry. How far back do you go. My recent ancestors have been in America for a couple of hundred years. Before that, Great Britain and before that, well I don’t know. Who knows, I could be descendent of a king. So, I decided to have my DNA analyzed. From the results I should be able to identify my region of origin.

I signed up with a DNA analysis company on the internet. As I was filling out the required information, I came across a question that I was hoping for. The question was “How far back do you want to go?” I thought about this and decided I want to go far back. So, I answered, I want to go way, way, WAY BACK. Hoping they will get the message. I want to know where my ancestors originated, several thousand years ago.

I received the kit, did the swab thing, put it in the mail and proceeded to wait. About 12 weeks later I got the email I was waiting for. The highly anticipated, “Congratulation, the results are in. We are sorry it took a while but your request required us to do some further testing. Please use the link to view your results.” I was very excited, I pressed the link. I’m actually going to find out where I’m originally from.

A map appears, I quickly expand the browser to maximum size, so I can see the whole world. I immediately went to the European section. But there was nothing. I was expecting some circles indicating the the region I am from. I thought, they made a mistake. It just so happened that I glances to my left and there over the middle of the Atlantic ocean was a colored circle. What!, so I grab my mouse, move the cursor over the Atlantic onto the circle and pressed. A pop up window appeared, saying, “Congratulations, I’m sure you will be proud to know that you are a descendant of the Guppy. Also known as the millionfish and rainbow fish. It is one of the world’s most widely distributed fish.”

Novice writer, writing about ideas I have.

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